The Hot Nuance Book Club

About the Podcast

The Hot Nuance Book Club was formed when Bree kool-aid manned herself through a wall to remind everyone that women were, indeed, writing fantasy books in the 1990s. Ali expressed a desire to read one, and Aradia offered to produce a podcast about the adventure. And here we are.

The Screenwriter



Ali is a screenwriter and the co-host of Wheel Takes, a Wheel of Time first time reader podcast. She's also the creator of the Grinwell Cup, a March madness bracket that seeks to answer the question: which Wheel of Time character is the essence of hotness.

The Podcaster



Aradia is one half of the Wheel of Time Spoilers podcast (currently reading Crossroads of Twilight), as well as a podcast producer for Fox And Raven Media.

The Novelist



Bree is also known as one half of the bestselling sci-fi/fantasy and romance author Kit Rocha. Her most recent project was the Mercenary Librarians trilogy with Tor, and she's currently writing very horny books about a very sexy dragon.